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Why And Soaps?

May 04, 2022

There as many soap companies as the maple seedlings taking over my yard. And that is just my yard. World wide that's a lot o' folks mixing oils, water, and lye. And why? (That rhymes!)

But seriously, why would I want to be one of them? What makes And Soaps products stand out? 

I've been thinking a lot about this over the past year. What is the Why, the value prop, the good old litmus test for whether spending my time in this endeavor makes sense, and whether customers even want what I'm putting out.

Why Choose And Soaps?



Why does our soap feel so good on your skin,

smell so darn good to your nose

and look so lovely to the eye? 


Unlike large industrial soap makers, we never remove an ounce of that skin-loving glycerin that’s the love child of natural oils and lye. We craft our soap recipes to give you a balance of good clean fun, rich lather, and long-lasting beauty. The end product feels almost as hard as marble, but will leave even the most sensitive skin feeling supple, fresh, clean, and loved. 


And we are obsessed with quality. This doesn’t mean that every bar looks identical or that our soap never has minor scratches or size differences. No, we make this stuff by hand, from our hands to yours. What we mean by quality is researching and testing well-balanced soap recipes, carefully sourcing ingredients, and whipping them together with care to give you soap that works great and makes you notice it. Wow! Now that’s a bar of soap. Try it and see. 


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